Speck Phone Cases: Considering a phone case purchase?

My mom needed a new phone case and she asked me what I thought. I started looking into smartphone cases and Speck phone cases are arguably the most well reviewed and popular phone cases being sold today.

Speck makes phone cases for many of the popular phones new and old and the cases they make have many unique qualities and advantages. I wanted to put together a post with all of the best speck phone case information to help you with your phone case purchase like it helped me with my mom’s case selection.

No matter what kind of phone you have, this information will help. And we may have already done a post looking at all of the best phone cases for your device, check out the bottom of this post of post for the phone specific posts we have done. Now onto the goods!

Speck Phone Cases

Speck started making cases in 2001 and is based in the USA. They make a wide range of different styled cases. They pretty much offer a case for virtually all pone usages in a vast array of styles and designs. I will go through each of the styles they currently have.

Keep in mind, they make the same models for most of most of the big name flag ship phone makers, so if you see one for a large brand android smartphone, they probably offer the same style for the an iPhone.

Speck Case Warranties

In short, their warranties are second to none. Many of their cases come with a Lifetime Warranty. There is no way a company that offers a lifetime warranty would stay in business if they sold cheap crap. The quality is legit and the lifetime warranty backs that up!

Presidio Stay Clear

This is the ultimate minimalist case that is slim. Clear, so it still shows off the amazing look of your phone, but gives it all the protection you want for your phone. Benefit list of the Presidio Stay Clear is below:

  • dynamic shock-absorbing material that absorbs and disperses force away from your device.
  • provides 8-foot drop protection.
  • IMPACTIUM™ Clear raised bezel guards screen from direct drops onto phone face and prevents damage when lying flat.
  • resistant from turning yellow when exposed to UV light from the sun, because who wants a discolored phone case?

The Tech Reviewer on Youtube did a quick unboxing and review in the video below:

Overall Amazon reviews for this style of case were solid hovering around a 4 out of 5 for most devices. Some noted the phone was unharmed after a drop. Others noted in some cases the phone was very snug in the case which made it a bit hard to get in and out. If you like the clear style phone case this is a great option.

Presidio Clear + Glitter

This is basically the same as the Stay Clear case above, but adds a little bling with some glitter as well as a bit of color. So the case is still transparent where you can see through it. They offer this case in Gold, Pink, or Purple.

  • utilizes impaction clear which is a dynamic shock-absorbing material that absorbs and disperses force away from your device
  • gives protection for up to an 8-foot drop.
  • raised bezel guards screen from direct drops onto phone face and prevents damage when lying flat.
  • lifetime warranty with this case, like most other Speck Phone cases

idylle♡doll over on youtube did a quick video showing off the Presidio Clear + Glitter for her iPhone. Check out her video below:

The reviews on this case were all in line with the majority of other Speck phone cases I have researched, 4.1 stars out of 5.

Overall customers are very happy. Many love the case, one reviewer had the case crack which she wasn’t happy about, but in the end got a new one with the lifetime warranty.

Presidio V-Grip

This is a clear back case, but also allows you to add a little subtle color with the border area. Comes in black, gold, and Caribbean blue. This case is a bit bigger then the Stay Clear, but offers more protection. Benefit / feature list is as follows:

  • raised bezel screen protection and ridged rubber no-slip outer perimeter.
  • provides 10-foot drop protection.
  • ridged, no-slip grip helps prevent drops.

User Phone Tech At Work on YouTube did a quick hands on with this case for you to get a good look at it:

The reviews on this case show well. Not many people had problems with the case, overall there was 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Presidio Grip

This case really is all in the name “grip”. Its a classic shell style case, but Speck added angled rubber ridges on the back and sides of the case that make it no slip.

This case has the quality protection of most all Speck phone cases as well. It has some color options, device colors may vary. Color options are Black/Black, Graphite Grey/Charcoal Grey, Eclipse Blue/Carbon Black, Fig Purple/Ochre Black, Dolphin Grey/Aloe Green, Microchip Grey/Ballpoint Blue, or Dove Grey/Tart Pink. Features of the Presidio Grip cases are:

  • cases work with the QI wireless charging standard.
  • one-piece case with a polycarbonate outer shell and a shock-absorbing IMPACTIUM™ Shock Barrier protects your phone during a drop.
  • drop protection for 10-feet.
  • slim design for wide range of storage versatility.

This is one of the cases from Speck that seems to be very popular across many devices. randomrazr. on YouTube did a quick video rundown of this case so you can see it in action. Check it out below:

There were many reviews to look through for this case across many devices. It like that others had a very solid 4.1 stars out of 5. Customers seemed really happy with the extra grip.

The consensus is that the grip makes it very hard to knock off a table or for it to fall out of your hand with regular us. There were a few customers that mentioned after heavy usage the rubber grip pieces did start to come off, but again with the lifetime warranty that is replaceable.

Presidio Folio

This case falls into the privacy or card holder category as well. The case’s cover adds privacy by making it harder for others to see what you’re looking at on your screen, thereby keeping your personal information safe from prying eyes.

Like the other Speck Cases, it has a lifetime warranty and adds a lot of protection to your device.

Color options for this case are Heathered Black/Black/Slate Grey, Heathered Heartrate Red/Heartrate Red/Graphite Grey, Heathered Dolphin Grey/Dolphin Grey/Concrete Grey, Heathered Eclipse Blue/Eclipse Blue/Gunmetal Grey, or Heathered Veronica Purple/Veronica Purple/Vintage Purple. It also comes in Leather which not many other Speck phone cases do. Features include:

  • cases work with the QI wireless charging standard.
  • hidden card slot holds up to 3 cards for quick access.
  • provides 10-foot drop protection.
  • All Speck cases are independently lab tested for multiple real-life situations.

This case seems to have a very business class or high end feel to it. The Tech Reviewer did a great job with the information video she uploaded to YouTube. Check it out below:

One common question I found came up with this case was: “How do I open the card slot?” Here is the answer:  Use your finger to gently lift the card slot door at the top right corner. Press down on the top right corner of the door until you hear it click to fully close the card slot.

Looking through the reviews on this case, it seemed a little below Speck phone case average, it came in at respectable 3.6 stars our of 5. It seems people mentioned being most bothered by its size saying it was a bit bulky. I don’t see why someone would purchase a case like this if they are looking for a slim case. From the looks of this case, you can tell it isn’t going to be a slim case and really I didn’t think most people would mind much, but it seems they do.

Presidio Sport

Appropriately titled, this is the perfect case for any active individual. It offers the perfect balance between size, protection, and functionality.

This Presidio Sport has the following the color options: Black/Gunmetal Grey/Black, Heartrate Red/Sidewalk Grey/Black, Jet Ski Teal/Dolphin Grey/Black, or Vintage Purple/Pitaya Pink/Cattleya Pink. It too comes with the lifetime warranty similar to most other Speck phone cases.

  • 12-foot drop-protection with IMPACTIUM™ technology shock barrier.
  • slim three-layer case with a grippy silicone exterior along with the IMPACTIUM™ shock barrier all add extra protection for your phone.
  • this case covers ports and buttons to provide 360-degree protection.
  • designed to allow for Qi wireless charging.

Big Unbox over on YouTube did a great job showing off this phone case. Check out his video below:

Overall reviews on this case were good. It received a 3.8 stars our of 5. Most really like the case. I saw a couple of customers mentioned that they noticed that the side buttons were a bit stiff. One customer had the case break, but with the lifetime warranty that shouldn’t be a problem getting it replaced.

Interested in learning more about other protective phone case options, check out my post on Sonix phone cases.

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