2 story bloxburg house ideas where there are 2 screenshots of quality youtube content.

Bloxburg House Layout 2 Story: Amazing Layout Ideas

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Bloxburg House Layout 2 Story builds can be very versatile. I show you some of the best layouts and ideas to help you get started building in Bloxburg.

Like many other Bloxburg players, I am constantly trying to improve and get better. Although I am very early on in my adventure, I really wanted to build a 2-story house in Bloxburg. I wasn’t totally sure how I was going to achieve this and wanted to see what I might be able to learn with some online research Bloxburg home designs that would help advance my learning curve. Below I have gathered and listed some of the things that I found that were helpful. I hope this information helps you as well.

What is Bloxburg?

Bloxburg is a simulation Roblox game that launched in 2009. You live in a fictional city where you perform daily tasks. You play as a person who cares for his or her character and keeps them happy by building and customizing their house, gaining new abilities and earning money. It will even allow you to communicate with the other players and community.

You can construct an impressive 2-story house in bloxburg from scratch on your plot of land by working through the various stages of constructing walls, roofing, flooring, swimming pools, mailboxes and basement rooms. Then, you can decorate your new residence with electronic devices, bedding, furniture, kitchens and appliances.

Bloxburg 2-Story House Layouts:

4 Amazing 2-Story Bloxburg House Layouts

2-Story Bloxburg House Layouts | House Build

This video was created by mxie, a YouTube creator who has 10k subscribers. The video is under 10 minutes and has just over 80k views.  What I like about this video is that it quickly walks you through four different bloxburg two-story house layout ideas to help you start to visualize what to do on your builds. I find these types of videos are very beneficial for the quick ideas that can spring up. Check out the video below

Here is are the video timestamps for each of the layouts should you wish to jump through the video: Layout 1 0:27, Layout 2 2:07, Layout 3 4:04, Layout 4 5:27

5 Bloxburg 2-Story Layout Ideas

5 house layouts (2-story) | Bloxburg

Staying with the theme of quality content in a quick video, here YouTuber Winter_Lillies does an 11 minute video with 5 house layouts and it has over 700k views. It’s nice to get a sense from other gamers what layouts and potential styles work best for them. Winter_Lillies does quick overview showing outside of the house and then gets into each layout build. You will definitely want to check this video out.

Once again, here are the the video timestamps for each of the layouts (Click on the links to jump around the video timelines):  Layout 1 0:30, Layout 2 2:38, Layout 3 4:25, Layout 4 6:01, Layout 5 9:05

Bloxburg House 2-Story Build Ideas

After seeing some of the layout specific Bloxburg hose building ideas, I thought I would throw in a couple of build videos to check out. These kind of bring it all together to see the finished product of what can be done with a solid layout base. In many ways, Bloxburg building is no different than regular home builds, in that planning is key. Knowing what can be done makes planning and execution easier. I picked a video that builds with no gamepasses and 1 regular with with gamepasses.

If you are interested in other Bloxburg post, check out 10 Best Bloxburg House Ideas [2022]- Small & Big!

Bloxburg House Build 2-Story With No Gamepasses

Building a Bloxburg two-story house without gamepasses is hard and there isn’t a ton of people willing to do a video showing it off. So I wanted to make sure and source a quality video with a really nice outcome.

Two Bedroom & One Bathroom Two-story House – No Gamepass Needed, Budget $55K

Bloxburg Cozy Aesthetic Two-story House No Gamepass Speedbuild
House has 2two bedrooms, a bathroom, dining room, kitchen and a living room.

This two story bloxburg house layout video is done by aesthetrix and it’s been watched over 500k times. It’s also in the range of a short video being 30 minutes long. The video is sped up so things can move quickly without getting bored. Aesthetrix also has music as a background in the video, there is no talking. I kind of like this because it makes it easier to focus on the creation. Click on the screenshot image to watch this video.

Bloxburg two-story house build with no gamepass this is showing the carport and bottom level from an outside view.


Bloxburg House Layout 2 Story

I wanted to make sure and have a video that shows a build with no limits. So one that was 2-stories and also needed gamepass. Utilizing gamepass in Bloxburg while building allows you to pull out all of the tips and tricks to make the most amazing build possible.

Two Story Modern Family Home – Gamepass Needed, Budget $195K

BLOXBURG | Two Story Family Home | House Build

This house has six bedrooms, three bathrooms and a pool, a garage, and a kitchen/living space.

This video was created by the You-tuber nxght_skiies who creates some very amazing stuff. This build is actually a highend townhouse and it’s super nice. The video is just under 2 hours long, so it is very detailed and in-depth. Click the image below to check out this video from nxght_skiies.

Shows an inside look at a bloxburg 2 story house kitchen and living room area from a video done by nxght_skiies on youtube.

Bloxburg Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build the 2 floor house in Bloxburg?

There are many different ways to build a 2 floor house in Bloxburg, which makes each building process very different and unique. I recommend that you first look into some of the popular layouts as these tend to give you a full range of ideas and they also show you a range of possibilities that are possible when building a 2 floor house in Bloxburg.

Can you make a 2 story house in Bloxburg without Gamepass?

Yes, you can make a 2 story house in Bloxburg without a Gamepass. It is easier to accomplish with gamepass, but it can definitely be done without gamepass. Check out the Youtube video Bloxburg Cozy Aesthetic Two-story House No Gamepass Speedbuild by aesthetrix. This will give you the perfect guidance.

Will Bloxburg be free?

So far, there is no indication from the developer that Bloxburg will be made free any time soon. With others like Brookhaven going crazy in popularity, Bloxburg is still currently a big hit.

Is it worth buying multiple floors in Bloxburg?

It is definitely worth doing multiple floor builds in Bloxburg. Initially a single floor build is great for learning and getting your feet wet, but a multiple floor bloxburg build opens up so many options for what you can create. You won’t be disappointed.

Give it a go and see what enjoyment can be had building houses in Bloxburg.

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