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Solar Lamp Post Planter: All You Need to Know!

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Solar lamp post planters are quickly becoming the go to outdoor lighting solution for your home. We cover many features and details that will help you know if they are the right fit for your needs and situation.

A solar lamp post planter is a great way to add accent lighting to any yard without using home electricity. It also makes a great planter for plants and flowers that helps add to overall curb appeal. I was recently on the lookout for lighting options that would look good, wasn’t really expensive, and be a minimal amount of work to install. That is when I came across a Solar Lamp Post with Planter. Below I have posted some of the information I learned along with some of the solar lamp post planter options available on the market.

What is a Solar Lamp Post & Planter?

A solar lamp post with planter is a great combination of two popular trends. A solar lamp post is an outdoor light fixture that uses sunlight to power itself. These fixtures are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency and ability to save money on electricity bills. A planter adds beauty and functionality to any space. Many homeowners prefer to plant flowers and vegetables in planters rather than pots, since plants require little maintenance. And many people enjoy having a beautiful view outside their windows. So why not combine these two trends together? By installing a solar lamp post with planters, you can add both beauty and function to your home without breaking the bank.

Solar Lamp Post vs a Wired Lamp Post?

A solar lamp post is a lamp post that uses a small battery for power and a small solar panel to charge that battery each day with the sun. A wired lamp post needs to have power run through a wire from your home electrical system. Each type has it’s good and bad. Since this article is about the Solar Lamp Post Planter models with solar-powered lighting, lets look at the pros and cons for those:


  • Installation is easier as a DIY project
  • On average they cost less to purchase
  • More versatile location placement for outdoor lighting with it not needing a wire connection
  • Cheaper to run long term because they only use battery power


  • Can see less light run-time if there isn’t much sun
  • Doesn’t always need to be secured to the ground, so easier for people to steal
  • Over time, rechargeable batteries will eventually need replacement. Some may come with no-replacement or specialized rechargeable batteries.

The Best Solar Lamp Post with Planters:

Sun-Ray really has a bunch of popular options when it comes to solar lamp posts planters. I personally purchased the Madison Triple-Head Solar Lamp Post and Planter and it has really straight forward instructions that are included in the packaging. It seems to be constructed with sturdy material and overall appears to be a well made product. Below I have listed 6 of the models I was considering prior to my purchase – each of these one has it’s own unique design style.

Shows a smaller space saving solar lamp post with planter, the sun-ray Kambria model - techgoodandbad.comSun-Ray Kambria

The Kambria comes in a package of 2 lights/planters, with 1 lantern head and planter box per fixture. These can be used by either wall mounting them or using a stake into the ground. Converts from wall to stake and back really quickly. They are a small lamp which means they are perfect for a townhouse or home with a limited amount of yard space. They stand about 19 inches tall and the LED light offers a brightness of 40 lumens.

Shows the sun-ray abigail solar lamp post planter model setup in a yard with a pool - techgoodandbad.com Sun-Ray Abigail

The Abigail stands about 7ft tall and has the planter set at the bottom of the post. It is a single head lamp and uses 3 AA re-chargeable batteries that come with the lamp post. This lamp fixture offers a timeless beauty design and a great way to add sophistication to your outdoor decor. An energy-efficient sensor activates to turn the light on at dusk and off again at dawn.

Showing the Martens solar lamp post with planter and two hangers for planters - techgoodandbad.comSun-Ray Martens Two-Head

The Martens stands about 7 feet tall and has the planter fixed at the bottom of the post, as well as two hangers for planters just over halfway up the post. It offers LED- Efficient technology with roughly 120 lumens per head. Constructed of die-cast metal (magnesium/aluminum) alloy, plastic planter, and a durable black powder coated finish. The light is will stay on for about 8 hours if fully charged for an automatic dusk to dawn lighting. No electrical wiring needed! Rechargeable batteries are also included.

Shows a three light head solar lamp post light with a solar panel on top of each to charge the battery - techgoodandbad.comSun-Ray Avalon Three-Head

The Avalon sits 7 feet tall and has the planter set at the bottom of the post on the ground. It is constructed of a die-cast metal magnesium/aluminum alloy, plastic planter, and a durable black powder coated finish. If fully charged, it will provide  lighting for about 8 hours. It also provides a feature for automatic dusk to dawn lighting. Efficient technology with roughly 80 Lumens per head and a 2-way switch (off/on). There is a small solar panel on top of each of the three lights so each lamp re-charges independently.

Shows a night photo of the single head solar lamp post with plant hangers - techgoodandbad.comSun-Ray Crestmont Single-Head

Like the others made by Sun-Ray the Crestmont stands 7 feet tall. It has a base planter along with a hanger that site right under the light which allows you to hand two planters. The light has 6 bright white LEDs and is roughly 120 lumens, it houses a solar panel on the top to charge the 3 AA batteries that come with it. This lamp post is constructed from a combination of a die-cast magnesium aluminum alloy and plastic and finished in a durable black powder coated finish.


Aside from Sun-Ray, there are many other companies that make great lamp posts. When choosing a potted lamp post, consider if the solar light allows for easy replacement of the rechargeable batteries and ensure that the batteries are a common size (e.g., AA or AAA). You don’t want to have to spend as much in later purchasing brand/product unique rechargeable batteries that end up costing almost as much or more than the purchase price of the lamp post planter.

Below is a YouTube video by Exigent Products that shows off 5 other Solar Lamp Post options. Give it a watch if you want to learn about some other options:


Frequently Asked Solar Lamp Post Questions


Is installing a solar post lamp with planter easy?

Yes, the majority of models available use the bottom portion of the planter to add river rocks or sand as weight to keep the lamp post in place. So once you find the perfect spot for your lamp, you make sure it is level and then place the planter there before adding the rocks or sand. Usually at least 50 pounds of weight is ideal. Once that is added you start connecting all of the other parts.

Are solar lamp posts worth it?

Yes, they can be more affordable than wired lamp posts and this provide a good bang for the bucks. An outdoor lamp post is the perfect outdoor accent. With it being solar with no wires needed, it allows placement to be very versatile. They can add the perfect lighting accent to your home at a very reasonable price point. Add in the fact that there are so many style choices and designs available, the design possibilities are virtually endless, thus allowing you to get the exact look you want for your home.

How long does solar a lamp post light last?

This answer is very dependant on the model because you have to take into account battery size as well as number of lights your lamp has. Generally a manufacturer will estimate that a lamp will provide somewhere between 7-11 hours of light on a fully charged battery. This allows the lights to run from dusk to dawn. Another variable with lighting duration between recharges is the time of year. During the winter months it is typically darker for longer compared to summer and colder temperatures will shorten the daily lighting duration. So expect these lights to perform less than optimal during the winter months due to limited daylight hours and colder temperatures.

Are solar light posts controlled by an on/off switch?

They will typically have a main on/off switch that is tucked away inside or underneath the light  fixture, but this is only really used when you first setup and install the lamp. Once it’s installed, the lights turn on and off automatically based on how light or dark it is outside. As it begins to get dark out, the lamp will turn on. Once it starts getting bright outside, the lamp will turn off.

Shows a flower arrangement that is planted in a solar lamp post light with a planter base - techgoodandbad.comWhat Flowers can be used in a solar lamp post light with planter?

Basically anything that you think will fit well in the planter. When planning, keep in mind the after growth of plant or flower. Everything might fit well initially, but after a season it may seem a bit too cramped. The base of the planter is on the ground, it makes it easy to access and keep the flower arrangement looking good.

Are there solar lamp posts at Costco?

At the time of writing this post, Costco does sell one on their website. It has a 1 star based on a single review. It is a OVE Norton III LED Lamp Post which is a 3 head light design. Costco has an amazing return policy which help ease any feeling of risk when buying a low rated product. Tough to make a call on something that only has 1 review. The video below is from the YouTuber Product Reviews by Clary Studios where he does an installation and review of an older model that was purchased from Costco:

If you want to skip to specific points in the video above, click on the links below to bring you right to that specific point in the video:

  1. Unboxing 0:16
  2. Ground Prep 1:07
  3. Base Assembly 2:12
  4. Inserting Base Into Ground 4:15
  5. Post & Light Assembly 5:50
  6. Attach Lamp Post to Base 8:57
  7. Final Overview 9:40

I hope you found this post helpful in making your decision whether to purchase a solar lamp post planter.

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