Samsung MicroSD Evo Select 2 128 GB

Samsung MicroSD Evo Select Memory Card

Samsung MicroSD Evo Select Memory Card

Looking for a MicroSD card for one of your tech devices? Check out the Samsung MicroSD Evo Select Memory Card.

Samsung MicroSD Evo Select 128gbOver the last 2 months I have been lucky enough to assemble some new tech items that I had been wanting… an android phone, action camera, quad copter, and also an android tv box. Thankfully each of these devices all have a microSD card slot which allows me to add extra storage capacity and even better they all work with the same style memory card a Micro SD card.

Micro SD cards are becoming pretty much universal across all tech these days, so chances are you too have a device that could use added storage.

In this post I will share information that I found on the internet about the Samsung MicroSD Evo Select Memory Card.

So my hunt for a MicroSD card began. I wanted to make sure I found one that was at least 128gb in size, competitively priced, reliable, and something that had solid read/write speeds for ease of use with my tech. That is when I landed on the Samsung Evo Select Memory Card.

The manufacturer specifications for Samsung EVO Select card are:

  • Up to 100MB/s & 90MB/s read & write speeds respectively; Class 10 UHS 3
  • High-performance for 4K UHD video recording, high resolution pictures, mobile gaming and music, for use in Smartphones, Drones, Android Tablets, Tablet PCs, Action Cameras, DSLRs and more
  • Includes: Full-Size adapter for use in Cameras and Laptop/Desktop Computers
  • 10-year limited warranty. For products incompatible with UHS-I interface, the speeds may vary subject to different interface conditions, Read : up to 80MB/s with UHS-1 interface Write : up to 20MB/s with UHS-1 interface
  • Operating Temperature : -13 degree F to 185 degree F. Interface uhs-i compatible to hs interface.Voltage:2.7~3.6V

I probably could have settled for a smaller storage size like 64gb or even 32gb, but I wanted to make sure I could use this one into the future a bit.

To give you a bit of an idea as to what can fit on the 128gb card… 27000+ photos, 17 hours of full HD video, 6 hours of 4k video footage, and 11000+ songs.

How to choose the best Micro SD Card for your device?

One big detail you want to make sure about before order is know that the max storage capacity is of the device you are buying the card for. Some devices only allow a max of 32gb or 64gb and if you get bigger it will not be recognized or you will have other issues. I checked all of my devices are knew 128gb was going to work no matter what I used it on.

Samsung MicroSD Evo Select 2 128 GBSamsung is a major player in the storage world so you know you are getting quality items that work across many devices, I knew it was no risk going with this MicroSD card. Another option for me would have been a company like SanDisk, but in the end I opted for Samsung. There are tons of cheap vendors selling cards online and I read through many reviews and issues of people that were really unhappy when they took a chance getting a really cheap card option from an unknown company and their card ended up in the garbage within a week.

On Amazon, the Samsung MicroSD Evo Select Memory Card has an amazing 4.6 stars out of 5… with over 15000 reviews. It is crazy how many of these they have sold and still have such a high review rating.

Reading through the various reviews, customers were really happy with the quality and usage of the card. They noted how quick the read/write speeds were. Many also referenced that even the regular price was a steal based on the reliability of this card in their devices. There seems to be a lot of higher end professionals using this card as well as your everyday regular recreational user.

The fact that I saw so many professionals using this specific MicroSD card who had such good things to say about it is what sold me. I knew my usage was going to be low to average, but I know how much of a pain it can be to have something not work or lose a bunch of pictures/videos due to a crappy product.

Overall this product have been great the bits that I have used it and I won’t hesitate to purchase others as I need more for my devices.

What is the difference between Samsung EVO Select and EVO Plus?

Basically the Evo Select is an Exclusive to Amazon where as the Evo Plus you will find more wide spread. No other different and actually a Redditor by the name of grab112ler had a conversation with a Samsung representative who explained that the two cards are not only the same speed and size but they are made with the exact same process at the same factory.

Learn More about MicroSD Cards

Check out this video that I found to be very useful in my quest to find one of the best MicroSD cards.



Is it possible to reformat a Micro SD Card?

You sure can format a micro SD card, this video below will show you the basics of how to do the reformat of a micro SD card:


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